Word of the Week: Gratitude (Week One of the No Buy Year)

It’s the first week of my No Buy Year, and the first word that comes to mind is GRATITUDE. When I first started this journey, I was very nervous of feeling like I was missing out on life’s gifts. Come to find out, I realized that I’ve always had life’s gifts. Plot twist was that it is not things. I’ve accumulated numerous amounts of “extras” of stuff that I have more than enough to get through this journey. And there is something satisfying of actually using the things that I buy to its entirety and throwing it away.

This week, I learned to appreciate moments and people’s presence because my mind was not distracted on the need to buy something for happiness. I also created this mindset that having shelter, food, water, and clothes is ENOUGH for me.

It has been difficult overcoming FOMO and declining invites to save money, but I have to understand that I put myself in this situation. The empowering part of this debt free journey though is that if I got myself into this mess, I can definitely get myself out of it. A year of sacrifice is nothing compared to years and years of mindless and poor spending choices. So with that, I continue on this journey and will continue to improve to the best of my ability.


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